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A bigger screen and battery life to couple days defines a Tablet! A gadget that fits a laptop specs and better portability. But we all now that it`s made from glass and plastic that can get cracked and damaged!
We are one of few repair shops that can fix any device if there are parts available for. Cracked screen, broken LCD, not charging, bad USB port, problem with rear/front camera, no touch or any problem related to it we can fix it!

Bring your ASUS, APPLE, SAMSUNG, LG, AMAZON KINDLE, HUAWEI, HTC tablet at I Repair it Fast, we have the best prices in the area and fastest turnaround time! Free diagnostic and best parts used to get your tablet on track.

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  • 100% satisfied customers & Guarantee
  • Well Qualified and Professional Technicians
  • No charges on Analysis and Opinions
  • Devices will be completely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Quick and Fast Turnaround time for Repair
  • Service prices are much lower than any other service centre
  • About an 99% chance of fixing your water damaged
  • Original Parts for your Device
  • Warranty for repairs
My phone died and the Apple Store said it couldn't be fixed. Sergio at I Repair it Fast fixed it in less than an hour. Thumbs up. I'll be telling all my friends about this shop.

Miguel Posada

from Google
I got my iPhone 6 Plus repaired here. I thought it will be as always, a long process requiring a lot of time and money: First to make the appointment, then to go to the shop, to leave the device, to wait for few hours, to come back and pay at least $100. But not in this case. Lucky me! BTW, a very important thing, there is no appointments required for such a service. Yay! So, Sergio repaired the device in front of me, in only 10 MINUTES! This is WOW! I mean, first of all, I never saw how they're repairing stuff and secondly, I was amazed to see the screen ready so fast. At Sergio’s recommendation, I got a screen protector, in case if the phone will fall again. The best investment ever and the price was also very reasonable. This is the best repair shop! Thank you very much!

Maria Augustina Recla

from Google