Mobile Phone Repairing Safety guidelines and precautionary measures is a must not only while repairing mobile phone but also while handling or repairing any  device or as computer, laptop, tablet or so on . The easiest devices to fix are iPhones, but still very sensitive especially to  Electrostatic Discharge. If to adopt some safety measures and maintaining precaution, you can avoid any unwanted damage to the main board or the screen that can get darker or showing lines on the backlight.

If you are into phone repairing business and follow a Mobile Phone Repairing Safety Tips code or your own, then people get to know that you are well organized and their devices are in the right hands. We need to remember that  first impression is the last impression. By being well informed, equipped and organised  , you will always get more satisfied customers that your competitors and you will be one of the few to succeed. Our days the new phones are so expensive and no one would like to hand it over for repairing to someone how is not well equipped or well organized or not knowing what he is doing!

I will give you some advice what to do and how to maintain customer`s device safe and have the repair done fast.

  1. Use ESD Safe Tools: If you want to be a professional, always use a professional and the best quality tools. Do not use cheap Chinese stuff that it will ruin screws or magnetize in the tools or cheap tools. Use only specific tools for particular device you want to repair and fix. Many technicians use their thumb nail to open the front or back cover of a mobile phone or smartphone.
  2. Electro Static Protection: is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by any contact between them. For this kind of protection, you need to wear Anti-static gloves or  Anti-static wrist strap.  I am into this business for a long time  now and I know most technicians do not use ESD protection.
  3.  Try To Handle Delicate Parts Carefully: All parts in a mobile device or smartphone are very delicate. You need to be very gentile when remove them. For example make sure the you don`t damage the cables and screen does not get any scratches. Make sure to put all parts in order on the pad so you can have them put back in the same order
  4. Careful with Hot air Machine: Hot air machine must be used and handled carefully so you will not get a burn or burn the device it`s self or even leave a burn mark. Hot air gun or machine  produces air with very high temperature. Make sure the direction of the nozzle is where it should be even after you used, it needs some time to cool down. Switch it OFF when it`s  not in use.
  5. Take care of customer’s data: Most important it`s data on the device itself. During the repair process, data stored in the mobile phone memory  might get damaged or deleted, or you may just screw other component that will not boot the device anymore.  So, make sure to backup all data before performing any important repair or hard reset!