“If  you dropped your phone in the sink, toilet or ocean put it in rice, quick!”


This is the famous rice advice that you can find it always when do a Google search. Perhaps it is true that everybody *want* to believe in the magic power of rice and result of not spending money on fixing it.  Putting your water damaged phone or even a laptop in a bag of rice is like stuffing a load of wet laundry into a trash bag and leaving it in the sun for a few days. As a result we all know that the middle of that bag is going to reek of wet moldy clothes in a few days.

We don’t want to have a professional shop to open our phones and clean it with special chemicals to preserve phone to get corrosion and any other damages from water. What we just really want is this super easy trick to work that will not involve any time and money spending.  It be great if all of this cases had to do when you get your phone wet is drop it in a bag of rice, get it out in a couple hours or days and your phone is just as good as new like nothing ever  happened, how good is that! In all this cases  we tell ourselves “‘well you never know, it might work and it can’t hurt any function on the device, let’s just try it and cross our fingers.”

Putting your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or any other device in rice is the same as doing nothing or even worst.  


The biggest problem is that putting your phone in rice does affect the device.  It minimize your chances of a full recovery of that phone, tablet or laptop or extract of any data on it.   You will ask why?  Because water damage it`s like  phone cancer.  Even in some cases your device does  turn back on and seems OK after it was in rice, you’ve basically done nothing to remove the corrosion and mineral deposits that are inevitable consequences when electricity meets water.   This corrosion can spread over time on whole board and components .   Every second , minute or  hour that a phone is staying in rice or after, is a time that is delaying proper treatment of the device.

To be more clear we have some clue about liquid damage

  1.  Letting a wet device to dry without cleaning internal components  it is bad for the device and potential risk for data.
  2.  Powering on or charging it  without cleaning inside is extra bad.
  3.  Using a device with a liquid damaged battery  it’s dangerous because you can even loose the entire data.

Every device  that we opened that has come into contact with  liquid has some corrosion on it somewhere, even if it`s very small one.   It would be easy and perfect if we had a magic bag of  grains that could reflow corroded solder joints, replace missing lines on the board , and breathe life back into that shorted out important components on the board.

It is a silly  idea that putting your device in a bag of rice is going to dry it out any more than if you put rice next to a spilled soup on the table and crossed your fingers that you’ll come back in a few hours and get for dinner a nice risotto.